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Thursday, December 28, 2006  

The COO of the company says that he has a major initiative that will involve a great deal of software development. Without actually starting the design and specification process, he wants to hire more programmer (specifically, software developers located at a subsidiary in India). Do you:

1. Calmly explain that it is unlikely that we can hire the right number of people before we even know what is involved in the creation of this application / suite?

2. Say, "Yes, sir," and try hiring a half-dozen developers who very well may sit on their ass for weeks and leave out of sheer boredom before development begins?

3. Try to find another route, such as hiring a well-known offshore development firm to start the project, and then scale up the Indian subsidiary as phases are completed?

You decide!

posted by Henry Jenkins | 12/28/2006 08:19:00 PM

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