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Change Management, Still Ugly

Tuesday, December 20, 2005  

After two weeks of our initial CM process, I have proclaimed the weekly change advisory board (CAB) meetings a failure, taking 90 minutes to review our changes. That's 90 minutes for the three people involved in the CAB.

I'm a practical person. I don't care what the damned examiners want, if it's become a ridiculous drag on our business then we need to do something about it. So I've revamped our process as well. Changes involve relying more heavily on the help desk system, tagging the tickets with labels so that running reports on different stages in the process isn't as time-consuming. Because of the limitations with our help desk system, we are essentially running four reports. We're working on simplifying that but won't have that ready for another couple of weeks at the earliest.

The toughest part? I understand that some of our other departments have had problems using digital signing to show that reviews had been done. I'm hoping I can avoid that problem, but won't really know until our next exam. Wishing myself good luck...

posted by Henry Jenkins | 12/20/2005 10:49:00 PM

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