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A Good Week

Sunday, March 13, 2005  

Last week was the kind I enjoy seeing: low key progress on a number of projects, some creative thinking and, best of all, nothing went wrong.

One of our major applications, a client reporting app, is about to undergo a radical overhaul (understatedly called v2.0). This application demonstrates several great features:
1. It was based on an existing open-source project running on Linux using a PostgreSQL backend.
2. It was created by a single person on my staff.
3. It makes the clients really, really happy.
4. We can deliver updates rapidly.

This is one of our big client hooks -- they love the functionality of this app, although it grew in a way that requires taking a look at rewriting it with new technology. There are a few new changes we're looking at. One is the doubling of the number of developers on the project, another is using the MySQL cluster instead of PostgreSQL. The new design is going to focus on high availabilty, a more rapid and flexible history search and a number of improvements to the UI requested by our client base.

The best we can do for our clients is offer them as many of the features as they request, as fast as we can, with the greatest reliability that we can. This project is our best example of that.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 3/13/2005 07:55:00 PM

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