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Sunday, December 12, 2004  

One day I'll leave my position at my current company. I've been here for almost eight years, so I expect I'll get an interview question along the lines of, "Why did you stay at Company X for so long?" I already have a stock answer. It's an answer that came to me when I watched the dot-com companies fail, combined with the experiences of a job-hopping hotelier I once met. It is:

"Because I had the opportunity to see the consequences of my decisions over the long term."

If your career is made up of 3 year snapshots at a variety of companies, I don't think you can get an appreciation for the long-term results of your actions. Over my tenure here we've gone from a 3-server computer closet to a 60+ server datacenter, we've client-facing web apps for our wealth management clients, we've started a commercial banking line of business practically de novo and the IT department has quadrupled in size with all of the usual attendant issues. The company has grown, shrunk and grown again. Senior management has turned over a few times. New government regulation has been written and applied to our business.

Each time a change occurs, decisions get made and their consequences ripple over time. To face your own legacy, overcome your own mistakes and adapt the department you grew shaped to new conditions strikes me as a challenge worth tackling.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 12/12/2004 08:20:00 AM

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