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It's Budget Season Again

Sunday, October 10, 2004  

Another fourth quarter, another budget. So what are the initiatives for 2005? A short list of the definitive initiatives:

1. Move to a new building. We're packing up most of our divisions located in three buildings and consolidating to a new building and a new data center in the middle of next year. Fun!

2. Security. Lock it down and control it because compliance and governance are the watchwords. There is no perimeter anymore and make sure everybody's accountable for what they can access and how they do it.

3. High availability. Three nines not enough...go for more.

After that it gets a little hazy, especially in terms of corporate strategic planning. I have no idea what the lines of business are planning on, even though the head of banking is my boss. We're going to pick up business here and there with no overarching goal. The wealth management LOB is probably even less clear and, for the first year ever, I'm thinking of passing on meeting with them. No point really, not when it's impossible to win trying to service them strategically. The investments department appears to be its best to play by their own rules and will probably get flattened by someone.

Nevertheless, we sally forth...

posted by Henry Jenkins | 10/10/2004 10:50:00 PM

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