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Nothing New

Thursday, August 12, 2004  

It's been almost three weeks since my last post and I have to admit that nothing new has occurred. So where are we with our projects? A quick summary:


1. Creating web services for one of our clients to open & close bank accounts automatically. This is our capstone project this year, expected to bring in a daily average of $100MM in deposits.

2. Creating web services for one of our clients to centralize their fund wiring process through us. Expected to bring in about $500K+ annually.

3. Conversion from our current wire services provider which promtped a number of upgrades for us, including our bank accounting system, implementation of clustered message queueing and Java application servers, application-layer failover and God knows what else before we're done.


1. Security upgrades, including a redesign of our AD schema, web applications, web content filtering/blocking and hardening all of our IIS servers. Yes, that whole download.ject thing scared the bejeezus out of me.

2. Management upgrades, including the purchase software to better manage our virtual servers, better patch management, application management, firmware rollouts and provisioning.

3. Upgrade of our CRM software to the latest and greatest. We're only five versions behind so the move is a little painful and is taking longer than expected. The payoff is a more flexible system to incorporate more advanced business processes.

Some of these projects have been very, very slow to build up to completion but they're finally starting to come together. Stay tuned!

posted by Henry Jenkins | 8/12/2004 08:35:00 PM

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