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Where Are We Falling Short?

Thursday, May 13, 2004  

Generally speaking, the business initiatives we are pursuing are getting accomplished. In fact, they appear to be moving faster than before, perhaps because we've really held the line on user support by continuing to reduce help desk calls even with the addition of staff. We're now down to part-time desktop support for 110 end-users on a normal day. Most support calls over 15 minutes in length are handled by Level II support, aka the system or network engineers.

As good as the implementation of new initiatives is coming along, there are areas in which we are not paying enough attention:

1. Security.
2. Standardization.
3. Operational excellence (i.e., making sure the little things are getting done right).
4. Documentation.
5. Change management control.
6. Deeper understanding of new systems rather than Just-In-Time troubleshooting.

So is this accomplished by the addition of more staff or a slowing of existing projects? Or am I not applying their skills effectively at this time so that they are not achieving their potential?

posted by Henry Jenkins | 5/13/2004 09:24:00 AM

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