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What Is My [Big] Problem?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004  

In a column for Infoworld called CTO Connection, Chad Dickerson asks the question, "What's your Big Problem?" The Big Problem is the strategic issue the company has that you're stumbling towards solving.

That got me thinking...what's my Big Problem? Do I have one? Hmmm. From a business perspective, there's "How can we offer more banking services?" and "How can we retain and grow our wealth management business?" The first leads to thoughts of a flexible, highly-available and easily administered infrastructure. Or something like that. The second thought is more along the lines of integrating existing sources of data and turning it into information that can be used to retain and sell new prospects.

From an IT perspective, all of these things are possible by spending enough money. Here's the trick: how do I reduce the daily operational costs and staff time to free up the people to do the projects that bring in the real money? That's the Big Problem I whittle away at day after day...

posted by Henry Jenkins | 5/18/2004 05:58:00 PM

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