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Taking Over a Low-Morale Workforce

Tuesday, May 18, 2004  

I came across an article on via a bunch of semi-regular e-mails I receive through an outfit called IT Business Edge. Usually I barely skim this stuff, but today I'm inbetween some tasks while updating our hot site. Anything to do with people management gets my attention, especially issues with staff.

The article itself is from several viewpoints discussing how to turn around an unhappy IT department. My favorite answer (only because it must be satire) was the one from a member of the CW500 Club who suggested firing 25% of the staff until morale improves. Chuckle. That one had me going until I realized it must have been filler because the CW500 Club is a service offering from ComputerWeekly.

Seriously, one of the answers got my attention -- is it the department or the culture? Once that's been defined, the department head can figure out what's going on. Good luck changing the culture. Therein lies a quick exit out the door. Changing the department is easier, and some of article's suggestions were sound. Most likely it's because the department did not know what its priorities and expectations were. One of the greatest challenges I have is mapping out clear priorities and expectations. Not everyone follows them, but at least they're there. ;)

posted by Henry Jenkins | 5/18/2004 02:31:00 PM

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