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Wednesday, May 19, 2004  

I spend a very small part of my time meeting with new vendors and getting new ideas. One of my recent meetings yielded some interesting information, including introducing me to two of their partner companies that sounded promising in fulfilling some of our goals.

The first company, Blue Coat Systems, makes an appliance that works as a content filter/cache/IM control/web virus scanner/bandwidth controller. I was looking at WebSense as a solution to control and report on web surfing, but this has my attention. Blue Coat used to be called CacheFlow starting in 1996 and had a pretty good IPO if I remember right. So they've been around for a while.

The second company is call PlateSpin. They have two major products, one of which converts physical machines to virtual machines (and virtual to virtual for the different flavors of VMware products) and another that manages/provisions/deploys physical and virtual servers. Given our dependence on virtual systems, this one also has my attention. They are a Canadian company and appear to be a fairly recent startup.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 5/19/2004 10:21:00 PM

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