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The Mobile Workforce is a Ticking Time Bomb...

Wednesday, May 12, 2004  

..for regulated industries at least. Upon what do I base my conclusion? Two thoughts:

1. We are currently preparing for a visit from the SEC to examine the company after merging with our sister investment division. They are interested in reviewing, among other items, marketing material created and used by the salespeople. Well, most of the salespeople in that division used laptops and stored their data locally. When the laptops came back, would you be surprised to find that everything was wiped out or not working?

2. Some salespeople are allowed to keep their prospects in their own contact managers (on laptops) rather than placed into our CRM package. I've said it before -- it will bite us in the ass before too long, especially if the regulators come knocking or the salespeople start calling prospects that we don't know about because they aren't in our system.

Decentralized control in a regulated industry is idiotic.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 5/12/2004 10:18:00 AM

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