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WS-Security Appliances

Thursday, April 01, 2004  

The next thought turned out to be, "How do I protect web services?" The WS-Security standard is still evolving, so is there anything else I can add to the web services we plan on deploying that will help me sleep at night and make the regulators happy? We are currently evaluating the WSS4J Apache project (as noted in a prior post), but might there be something else?

Well, it appears that there are devices called web services firewalls. I typed the phrase "ws-security" into Google's search engine and, voila!, got this extraordinary number of ads along the right sidebar for XML security appliances and software. I am confused...why is an appliance needed for this? And how is malicious XML going to sneak past my network and invade my systems?

It looks like InformationWeek has an article on that very topic and a review of several products. Another view of the "top three" is at InfoWorld. More on this later.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 4/01/2004 05:46:00 PM

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