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Secure E-mail Delivery

Thursday, April 29, 2004  

I was in a vendor meeting today to discuss how to send out wire notifications securely to our clients. You see, most of our commercial banking clients want to receive a notification when we have processed a wire on their account(s). The e-mail would contain the banking accounts, routing numbers and other assorted info. The goal is to get the wire confirmation into the hands of an escrow officer as soon as possible so escrow can close and our client, the escrow company, get paid. However, that's some pretty sensitive client information in that e-mail, so sending it plain text is mighty dumb. What to do?

Which gets us back to the vendor meeting. I discussed the above problem with a company called PostX which has a secure e-mail solution that sounds interesting. Here's what it will do:

1. Application generates an e-mail.
2. PostX server scans outgoing e-mail, recognizes it according to a business rule and encrypts it by changing the actual contents into an HTML attachment using a digital signature.
3. Client receives the e-mail and, if opening it for the first time, registers on the PostX key server that we would host.
4. Once registered and their key downloaded, the client can open any encrypted e-mails without re-registering.
5. Client reads e-mail and can save it for re-reading later.

Kind of nifty and doesn't require any additional software installed on the client desktop, which is an important factor as we evaluate solutions for this. More later.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 4/29/2004 07:52:00 PM

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