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Thursday, April 29, 2004  

I had a call with JBoss today regarding their suite of products. We're mostly interested in their middleware (JBossMQ and discussed that to some extent. Primarily it was their attempt to be "warm and fuzzy" although the sales guy and support engineer need to learn one basic rule -- do not talk over the potential client. Ever. If we hadn't already pretty much made up our minds about this being the right product to use, they would not have swayed me. Sheesh.

When I get back from vacation they'll be discussing with us how JBossMQ clusters. We're thinking about using PostgreSQL as the message repository backend. Specifically, Command Prompt, Inc. offers a commercial version that supports replication. I haven't called them yet today, but there's still time in the vendorfestathon.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 4/29/2004 08:17:00 PM

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