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More Thoughts on Message Services

Tuesday, March 30, 2004  

For the most part, my company does not endorse the idea of "basic research" R&D. If it doesn't serve an immediate business need, it is unlikely that I can allocate resources to exploring it. So I tend to sneak my R&D into projects. Thinking about the desire for a messaging service backbone, I think I figured out how to pull it into a legitimate project. We have two applications that provide some utility services for us -- one is a simple e-mail delivery app and another is what we call Scorecard, our near-realtime polling system that informs us if a critical process has failed.

Certain scripts and SQL code create e-mails as part of their processing. I'm not a big fan of every program being its own e-mail sender and I've noticed that Microsoft SQL Server's SQLmail is not terribly reliable. Because of that we created an e-mail sending app that polls a database and sends the contents as individual e-mails. What a perfect application for messaging -- the e-mail app wakes up, pulls the contents of messages off a queue and e-mails them. Simple, brain-dead and a great way to introduce a message services handler into the organization.

So the next big question is, which one should I get?

posted by Henry Jenkins | 3/30/2004 11:12:00 PM

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