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Wednesday, March 10, 2004  

The migration of our investments department is coming along (mostly) swimmingly. We set this project up in phases:

1. User files and e-mail.
2. Server-based applications.
3. Printers, desktops, network equipment.

We performed the first phase using a tape backup and the exmerge utility (described in my archives). Access was given to those resources via Citrix.

The second phase was tougher -- moving several server-based applications to our virtual server farm and cutting over during a weekend. We set up the servers as virtual without much issue and worked with the end-users to test them before cutting over for the final time. To perform the testing, we set up an entirely separate Citrix farm that would eventually become the investment department's home with all their funky programs. Once those had been tested my staff swooped in on their offices, set up their Citrix configuration to point to the new server, and flew away. Call it the Seagull School of Systems Administration.

Monday had some cleanup to do and we still have some performance issues with one of the SQL servers we migrated that's probably related to its virtualization. I find that I solve problems best when loaded on caffeine and sugar. Unfortunately for me, tonight I'm filled with Crystal Light, pasta and Nature Oat bars (don't ask). Who knows what I just did to everything. This is why I should delegate more...

posted by Henry Jenkins | 3/10/2004 10:55:00 PM

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