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Monday, January 05, 2004  

In my comments, John of John's Jottings asks me why I blog about work, especially given the negative opinions I express and the possibility (probability?) that they could get me fired.

I knew when I started blogging that I needed to keep the company anonymous, otherwise I probably would be found on the Internet. I also knew that if I didn't find an expression for my frustration at work, I would probably commit a career-limiting move on the job. My compromise took flight in this blog -- I can communicate my aggravation with (and, albeit less often, my appreciation for) senior management without it affecting my performance or attitude. My comments are far less polished than I use at work and may be totally off base. However, blowing off steam somewhere out in cyberspace beats a momentary lapse of reason in the workplace and gives me a chance to work out my thoughts before my foot graces my mouth.

UPDATE: Corrected the John that posted in my comments. I have two regular visitors and both are named John. Who knew?

posted by Henry Jenkins | 1/05/2004 05:15:00 PM

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