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How is a Merger Like a Wind Section?

Sunday, January 11, 2004  

They both blow, of course.

I am in hour 22 of a day that started 8am on 1/10. @!*#(^$(*@#^$. I created a very aggressive schedule to migrate our sister company's data over to our systems, working on mailboxes and user files simultaneously. Never did I realize what an absolutely slow, painful, nay, excruciating process this is turning out to be. We're really spoiled with our equipment here. Pulling data off of their old servers along with migrating their mailboxes from our common parent company has destroyed yet another weekend. Earlier in the day we had to swap out our UPS system because it was the first day of the year we had a chance to do that and it got double-booked with the data migration. My staff has done a lot of prep work leading up to this, but nobody could have told me that trying to get a tape of data from the sister company would waste about 10 hours of my time nor that the Exchange migration tool would waste another 4 just getting it up and running (in parallel, fortunately). I am beat.

Here's a lesson -- try to avoid this. Even with good planning, we had no dry run. I pay the price for my bad decisions, as I prefer to do. So here I am.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 1/11/2004 06:31:00 AM

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