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Meetings Abound

Friday, August 22, 2003  

Four meetings today. This is what I get paid for:

1. Morning meeting with our (probable) new wire services ASP. They do love to hear themselves talk. Fortunately I remained awake during some pretty long-winded semi-questions aimed at me. Mostly it was discussing a pretty network diagram. Colors and everything! Most of the details are postponed to be discussed later. Whoopee...

2. Another morning meeting discussing rearranging our storage allocation here. I brought in most of my staff to talk about it and come up with solutions. We found a hole in our DR plans that needs to be filled as a byproduct of our discussions. The best part about a meeting like this is getting my staff to understand how things are arranged and find the gaps in their knowledge (and mine). They feel ownership of the solution and are more likely to implement it well.

3. A code review in the next 30 minutes...we'll be reviewing the code that uploads some of our automatically generated statements to our outsourced web-based imaging system provider. We're reworking our coding standards and implementing some better QA checks in our application development and this will be a test case.

4. A product marketing meeting with a startup this afternoon, perhaps for comic relief. I'm not sure how the meeting will go, but perhaps I'll score some swag from it for the staff. They're all suckers for free stuff.

Tomorrow morning at oh-god-30 I'll be playing golf with the boss. I've already got two games lined up for him over the next month with a couple more in the works. As the commercial says, "It's how business gets done."

posted by Henry Jenkins | 8/22/2003 12:45:00 PM

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