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One Step Closer to Utility Computing?

Thursday, July 10, 2003  

VMware announced a new product a few days ago called VMware Control Center (a press release is available for viewing). Normally when I see a press release that uses the words "groundbreaking" and "utility computing" I know it's a load of manure. In this case, the folks at VMware may actually have created something useful. I'm completely enamored with the virtual machine concept as practiced by VMware -- virtual servers represented as files on the physical server that can be backed up and moved with little effort now. Well, their Control Center is taking that one step further -- the ability to see the status of all virtual servers at a glance and generate alerts if something goes awry, track performance of each virtual server, provision new servers in an automated fashion and (best of all, IMO) migrate virtual servers from one physical machine to another with no down time. I didn't see anything about the ability to script a backup in their feature list, though. It's relevant to me as I finish up a script to do exactly that.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 7/10/2003 04:01:00 PM

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