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It's Been a While...

Wednesday, July 02, 2003  

I haven't written in the last two weeks because, well, I've been a busy guy. However, I'm still alive and kicking. Some updates:

1. MCI still can't give us a story that jibes with the facts. I find this a fascinating exercise in either lying or complete helpdesk unaccountability.

2. We've found some problems with VMware ESX server that strikes without warning -- my best advice is don't use their vmxnet drivers ever. Stick with vmlance and you'll do fine.

3. Another weird bug in our imaging system that led to an upgrade of our NetApp filer OS before we found out it wasn't the filer. Lots of time wasted but an interesting exercise in deduction that I used as a teaching tool.

4. Lots of procedures I'm finally writing up. Our systems and application documentation processes are not as robust as I want them to be. I've been looking around for good examples. Ecora will probably help with most of the system documentation; however, good application doc examples are hard to find.

5. I finished the first draft of the worst company newsletter article I've ever written. Just couldn't get my head into it. I think I'm better at drilling into a single topic than trying survey many. Maybe. Or maybe I'm too lazy to concentrate.

6. My golf game is still really, really bad -- 118 at a relatively tough course. Ouch.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 7/02/2003 03:40:00 PM

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