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Fscked by the Telecom Companies

Sunday, June 15, 2003  

I spent my weekend coordinating with MCI, SBC and my parent company's telecom support manager to solve a little problem -- our biggest client office could not dial long distance. The problem was identified at about 2pm on Friday and solved at 10:30am Sunday. Most of Saturday was spent on the phone answering questions that the support managers had.

What amazed me most of all was the blatant stupidity and incompetence involved. I mean every word of that. It took 45 minutes to convince the first person we called at MCI that they owned the phone lines having the problem (the lines were local, resold by MCI). It took MCI 24 hours to open a ticket with SBC because the service center manager had blown smoke up the backside of a staff member that no one was available until 9am on Monday. My parent company's support manager was able to reopen the ticket and get things moving. I was fortunate to have established a good relationship with a competent support manager at SBC over the last several years and she put me in touch with the one person who wound up getting things done. Even so, that SBC support manager had to first work with MCI to get the information she needed because I technically couldn't contact her directly. While MCI kept fooling around with the ticket and kept trying to push it off until Monday, the SBC rep was pulling the people needed to troubleshoot this.

The biggest obstacle with SBC was convincing them to go outside of their normal troubleshooting procedure which involved sending a tech out to the site. Because we had dialtone, and reiterated that a number of times, it finally got through that the problem had to be in the central office. Our SBC rep cut some red tape and got a team working on the problem at the CO and fixed it.

The most amazing part of this is that MCI apparently caused the problem. They were performing a facility move, didn't notify us and obviously never tested their long distance routing changes at the CO. I'm looking forward to my Monday call with our MCI National Accounts Manager to explain why they wasted two days of my time, dragged their feet and barely cooperated with us. I am appalled once again by their lack of service and sheer ignorance of customer service. Maybe it's time for us to start our own telecom. I wonder what it would take?

posted by Henry Jenkins | 6/15/2003 10:44:00 PM

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