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Chapter 5 - Executive's Guide to IT

Monday, June 02, 2003  

I'd like to sound really profound about this but there isn't much in this chapter that most people in the industry wouldn't grasp as glaringly obvious -- the IT Director position (aka CIO/CTO/whatever) is extremely important in leading the IT initiatives in an organization and that the skills required in that position are very different than those of engineers within the IT department. The issue is when someone is promoted through the ranks of the IT department before he/she is ready to perform the communicating, presenting, influencing and negotiating necessary to get initiatives moved forward.

I spend about 20-30% of my time working with other department heads to sell my ideas, make sure that things are going well and do some things to make them feel warm and fuzzy. I spend another 10% of my time working with vendors and other corporate entities. Another 10-15% of my time is spent doing administrivia. I don't spend enough time developing my staff (I've been lax here, much to my chagrin) and sometimes it's a little therapeutic to get my hands dirty, especially when I've got my staff tied up doing other projects. I am the stereotypical head of a small-to-midsized IT department.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 6/02/2003 08:58:00 PM

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