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My Job is Like Watching Television

Friday, May 30, 2003  

It's both mind-numbing and time-wasting -- simultaneously!

Today's work has been a melange of absurdity and aggravation. To wit: my two biggest tasks due next week are writing a new vendor management policy (we need one? Why don't you write them up -- our compliance officer is too busy to do, you know, compliance type stuff) and printing out a report for our sister investment management company. In the meantime I spend about 15 minutes convincing my systems engineer that maybe, just maybe, he should look into whatever the problem is with the website that made it go down. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Yes! Yes, it would!

It's a "blinking colon" kind of day, as I watch the hour and minute separator on my phone count each second out. Blinking colon sounds like a physical condition.

My temptation today is to think of new initiatives to chase after, new goals, new ideas. We're not done with our existing projects, however, so piling on work would be stupid and trying to implement initiatives on my own is a waste of my staff's ability and a demotivator. I think I'm rationalizing taking the rest of the day off and reading the entire Day by Day Cartoon series, then launching into Slashdot's archives. Or read something by seems appropriate.

Maybe I'll write that newsletter column that I was tapped for. Did I mention my boss had a tizzy when I got approval to do it? Seems I didn't tell him first and he hates that...jeezus, management here is damn near spastic. Must be their blinking colons.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 5/30/2003 11:42:00 AM

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