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Tuesday, April 29, 2003  

I'm fixing a problem with Sharepoint Portal Server's search rankings (turned out it was because password-protected Excel documents don't get indexed) and it got me to thinking about search rankings on the web. I am the #1 result for "middle manager" on Google and AllTheWeb, #1 for "change mangement" on Lycos and #17 for "leopard print comforter" on Yahoo. Scary stuff, that. Several people have written about how blogs have skewed search results on the web and how it will either force Google, et al, to change the way they rank pages or wind up making them eventually irrelevant (and dampen their ad revenue). I know this isn't a unique or timely observation. What does annoy me, however, is that some MIT professor always comes up in Google searches on my name. Hell, I see dead people appear before I do. So to help Google change this, here's my name for it to index:

Henry Jenkins
Henry Jenkins
Henry Jenkins
Henry Jenkins
Henry Jenkins

Another blow in favor of vanity!

posted by Henry Jenkins | 4/29/2003 05:09:00 PM

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