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Keyed Up

Saturday, February 01, 2003  

In theory I like this idea to encrypt data written to hard drives. In practice, however, I suspect it will work a lot like SecureID does for so many people:

User: "Why can't I get into Citrix today?"
Tech: "What's the problem?"
User: "I don't know my SecureID number."
Tech: "What's the keyfob say?"
User: "I lost the keyfob yesterday. Can't you find out for me?"

Yes, we have conversations like that...

Until encryption is built into the system ("Secure Trusted Computing" I guess) or permanently affixed to someone's body I'm not sure I'd ever want important information floating around at the mercy of the ordinary, average end-user. And God forbid it should be in the hands of salespeople...

posted by Henry Jenkins | 2/01/2003 04:22:00 PM

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