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Thursday, January 09, 2003  

Pete Kruckenberg, senior network engineer for the Utah Education Network, highlights on his blog some experiences he's had as the UEN tries to remake itself into a great organization based on the principles of the book, The Fifth Discipline. I think about my company and I believe the rank and file here would agree with every point Pete makes. People do want to make a difference and they do want to be part of something amazing, something greater than themselves. So why can't they?

Pete identifies a shared vision as being the primary factor in UEN becoming what they want it to be. The changes, the communication, the desire to work together rests on that foundation. Do people at my company want to do great things? Yes. Are they impatient with people who get in the way of them doing their jobs? Of course. How do we unleash them to be better? Guidance, aka a shared vision. Who will provide it? Hmmm. If senior management does not choose to, can the middle management layer do it? Can we actually cooperate in such a way that we can bring forth the vision that our executives have abdicated?

posted by Henry Jenkins | 1/09/2003 10:22:00 PM

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