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The Federal Government is Boring Me to Death

Wednesday, January 29, 2003  

I work for a Federal Savings Bank. Every other year the examiners from the Office of Thrift Supervision come by to check on our procedures, policies, standards and practices for the company at large as well as the Information Services department specifically. What that means is that I have to create the world's largest mound of paper. You may be thinking, "How come you don't image your documents or put your information online?" Well, we do. That's not the issue. The issue is that the examiners are usually, well, technologically challenged. The last couple of visits we've had confirm my doubts that anyone the OTS sends us really understands personal computers, routers, networks, firewalls, etc., beyond what they were perhaps taught in some two-day course entitled, "Computing Buzzwords of the New Millenium." The worst part of this exercise is that we pay for the privilege of being examined. So the longer it takes the latest set of examiners to come in and find what they're looking for the more it costs us. Hence I waste my time to create a pile of paper (in triplicate, actually). I'm going to use really small fonts the next time...

posted by Henry Jenkins | 1/29/2003 05:23:00 PM

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