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Architecture Meeting

Tuesday, January 07, 2003  

I sat down with my programming staff today to discuss the future of our in-house applications. We've decided to move to an open-source platform and with the plethora of tools available it's going to take some time to narrow down. The first project is going to be replacing the current intranet which is running on IIS. We've already moved many of our old HTML policies & procedures off of our existing intranet to a Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server. For a regulated company needing a "quick and easy to set up" content management system for our policies and procedures, SPS works wonderfully. We had it configured for what we needed in about an hour. It has a great built-in search engine, access integrated with domain security and a simple publishing interface. This is one of the few products Microsoft has made with which I am very pleased.

So what are our requirements for our new intranet? We have some major goals:

1. Easy to set up and customize.
2. Uses a flexible scripting language, including database accessibility.
3. Content versioning.
4. Personalization.
5. User authentication through LDAP.
6. Can integrate RSS/XML feeds.

Our first looks will be at some well-known portals: Tiki, PHP-Nuke and E-Xoops. As the project progress I'll continue to track our progress.

posted by Henry Jenkins | 1/07/2003 08:05:00 PM

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